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Antaspace Padel League Season 1

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Antaspace Padel League: Where skills are showcased, friendships are forged, and champions are made. Join the excitement of Antaspace Padel League and discover the joy of competitive padel.

Tournament Information

Here, you will find comprehensive information that will guide you through the tournament journey and ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

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Category: Men's Doubles & Women's Doubles. Beginner to Intermediate Level

The league will start on August 1, 2023, and run for two months. Circular Rotation

Flexibility of Venue: Matches can be played at any club of your choice

Game Format: Team will compete in six games to win a set, and a match will consist of the best of 3 sets

Tie-Break: In case of a 6-6 game tie, a tie-break of 7 points will determine the winner

Deuce Rule: When the game reaches a deuce, the winner will be decided by a "golden point" where the first player to win the subsequent point after deuce wins the game


After the league begins, Teams are responsible for organizing their own matches

Teams must mutually agree on a schedule and location for their matches

Once the match is scheduled, it cannot be changed except for one rescheduling opportunity

All teams must report their match results to the league administrator via WhatsApp

A win in a match will earn 3 points. And a lose in a match will earn 1 point

Achieving a winning streak of 5 consecutive matches will grant a bonus of 3 points

Final Day

The top 4 performing teams will advance to the semifinals and then to the finals.

Unlike traditional standings, the champions and runners-up will be decided solely on the final day. It is the ultimate showdown that will determine who will claim the coveted titles.

To intensify the excitement, the final day event will be condensed into a single action-packed day. Brace yourself for an unforgettable display of skill, determination, and the crowning of our deserving champions.


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